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1 pm Atrium Ljungberg hosting the Burningmanweek Stockholm Open Space event ”The city of our dreams” in the miner of Sickla.

5 pm on top of the miner Young Perspective and Galleri Duerr´s conversation – Creatives social responsibility. Nav, Marcusplatsen 9 –

From a cog in the materialistic wheel to a backpack focused on values. The Swedish non-profit Children’s Empowerment Organization ABC Charity has been published in over 100 newspapers around the world and has received the support of Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu. Founders Filip Cederholm, former advertising photographer and Ashley Cooper, inspirational speaker, has encouraged businesses, creators, artists and performers all over the world to take responsibility for the way they communicate and the effect it has on children and young people’s values.

BURNING MAN MEGHAN “MEGS” RUTILGLIANO (USA,) Regional Network Associate Director – responsible for the management of Burning Man’s Regional Network, comprising over 280 Regional Contacts in 35 countries and over 65 official Regional Events around the globe. Megs oversees the production and programming of Burning Man’s annual Global Leadership Conference and the European Leadership Summit;. Megs moonlights as a jazz singer in her band The Lion’s Roar and as a voice and on-camera actress.

JULIE LINDAHL, Founder, author and educator
HÅKAN SANDBERG, Chairperson, communications professional working in the intersection of society and technology, with a passion for human networks, dialogue and learning.

Swedish-based non-profit organization Stories for Society is dedicated to renewing the art of storytelling in the form of group story-making for dealing with complex social issues. Developed over a decade with inputs from many exceptional professionals, Stories for Society’s Island Method is well suited to handling some of today’s most pressing issues. Fantasy and play are fundamental to an approach which recognizes Einstein’s adage that problems cannot be solved at the same level at which they were created. Stories for Society has worked in schools and with youth groups in Sweden and in Bosnia-Herzegovina to tackle subjects that are usually connected to how humans can find a way to live together peacefully. Its current project with one of the world’s largest youth centers, Fryshuset, focuses on training youth leaders to use story-making to address the subject of inclusion in areas where the old Sweden meets the new.

Mobile Gallery Duerr and Young Perspective! invites youngsters, leaders and artists to talk about various social challenges. Our goal is to be where you are!

#ArtWall Stockholm 30 meter including A sculpture in liquorice, couture by Mari Miltvedt and art work by Gustav Hjelmgren, Christer Fjellis Fjellman, Paul Quant, Matt Miley, Alannah Robins, Lola Akinmade, Kapoth, Lina L Baker, Filip Cederholm and David Eisenhauer, showing the last hour. Listen to the conversations

Photography on top: Filip Cederholm

Publicerad av Lotte Johansson BehovsPusslet

Visuell Artist & Visuell instruktör. Initiativtagare och handledare för BehovsPusslets coachingbanor för publika platser. Här kan unga identifiera och balansera olika behov. Desto fler utmaningar och framkomliga strategier som delas, desto större blir identifikationsfaktorn. BehovsPusslet är en öppen aktivitet unga själva önskar kunna återvända till. Därför visar jag under öppna workshops hur enkelt ni kan skapa en coachingbana i er närhet och hur vi alla kan bli den där coachande frågeställaren. Tillsammans för för psykisk och social hälsa.

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