Dare to dream tools to realize

A couple of weeks ago, my son heard strange sounds, like I was being strangled. When he opened the door, he found me blanked out on the toilet seat. This was not the first time I was leaving home in an ambulance.

After the first shutdown, I was sitting on my sailngboat, exchanged for two of my photographs at the boat fair 2020 , when it was locked down, along with my photo exhibition. The radio reporter was calling for people who could bring in some hope. I called in, told them that I had decided to exhibit from the mast of a sailingboat, my sailingboat. A listener found my instagram and invited me to exhibit, in the harbour of Kruger’s island, Idöborg. Photographs, from my two month of classic regatta racing, right before the captain of Manitou, JF Kennedys ex yacht got a heart attack and the yacht I was sailing on as a photographer, broke the mast in the stormy weather.
In a coupe of years I have managed to get from being afraid of water and not knowing anything about boats or sailing, to become a sailing photographer, working with my own modern classic yacht. From two empty hands will Play and Loss, work in progress, this weekend participate in the Veteranboat meeting at Wasahamnen, Djurgården, in Stockholm.

Play and Loss won her first race in Halfton Cup Greece, the same year she was built. But I had no idea about that, when I got her.
She did not even have a name. But I do, Lotte Storyteller. Thank you for beliving in me. Please do support my work with the boat, book me for conversations and Storytelling in a harbour near you, invest in one of my handsigned and numbered photographs or book me as a moderator, photograher or filmmaker. I always bring my need puzzle Coachomaten with me in my photography talk – ”Dare to dream, tools to realize.

For schools please book by Kulan (Stockholm Stad/Kulturrådet)
+46 (0)70 798 44 29

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Visuell Artist & Visuell instruktör. Initiativtagare och handledare för BehovsPusslets coachingbanor för publika platser. Här kan unga identifiera och balansera olika behov. Desto fler utmaningar och framkomliga strategier som delas, desto större blir identifikationsfaktorn. BehovsPusslet är en öppen aktivitet unga själva önskar kunna återvända till. Därför visar jag under öppna workshops hur enkelt ni kan skapa en coachingbana i er närhet och hur vi alla kan bli den där coachande frågeställaren. Tillsammans för för psykisk och social hälsa.

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